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Here is hoping your winter went well and now we are looking forward to a great spring, summer and fall.
We are well into our 26th year of serving this beautiful part of southern Iowa and hope to see you all again soon. You may have noticed that there is a different face at the grill these days. It is not a new face, he has been in here since he was born, but our grandson Jayce has pretty much taken over the duties at the grill and is doing a fantastic job. I’m still there but now I am able to spend a little more time socializing. Next time you are in please introduce yourself to him as he is anxious to meet all of the Bogies' family of friends.

You may also notice that a new face is at the door greeting you as you arrive. That would be our Granddaughter Courteney. She also is a lifetime resident at Bogies and is now helping Grandma {Toni} with the hostess duties, and yes, she has the same sense of humor that Gma has.

We changed the entry to Bogie's a little: A new shadow box honors our military with items that have been given to us over the years and a very special item, to me especially, now hangs on the north wall of the entry. A saw blade from my Grandfathers' saw mill from the 1940s. It has been painted with the scene from "Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima" and it is very special to all of us.

Outside you may notice a blue and a green light on the front of the building. Blue shows support for our law enforcement and green shows support for our military.

A few new changes but the same great steaks and service.

Hope to see you all soon.

As always pray for those who keep us safe.

Thank You for your continued patronage.
Kevin and Toni Walter
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